So Far Yet So Near

To be far away from my family is not an easy experience. I have to endure every minute of it. Thus, focusing on my purpose why I’m working in a foreign land helps a lot. To cite a few: To earn more than my country can offer; To support my family needs and to secure my son’s future. Summing it up, it’s all about my love and concern to my family.

Though we are in a long distance relationship, we don’t take distance as hindrance to continue showing our love to one another. Thank you for the advance technology now a days, I don’t have to settle with letters and telegrams or a long distance call using a landline phone. I say thank you to the internet.

To ease my loneliness and boredom, my wife and I see to it that we both have a common time to chat and have a video call through Skype. Our time zones are different but for us it doesn’t matter at all. Here are some of those lovely moments.

skype collage


Happy Birthday Baby Jed

Hello everyone. I’m Kim. Almost a year had passed since I married Franz, the  woman whom I’ll be loving for the rest of my life. she call me Dud and I call her Duday in return as our endearment to one another.

To secure a better future for my family, I decided to work and try my luck  in a foreign country, leaving my wife pregnant for our first baby.  Being far away made me much more excited to see my son being born.
 Then September came, the month we’ve been all waiting for. My excitement led me to conduct a countdown in facebook by writing a poem with each stanza written daily until my baby was born. My friends have no idea what I was counting for. Now, I would like to share the poem with you.

my wife

Let’s start to have fun.
Every tomorrow’s rising sun
Worth the wait for God’s plan.

There’s no day that I don’t think about you.
To forget for a minute or an hour, I cannot do
Each day’s a promise of a love always new,
Exactly like today, SEPTEMBER TWO.

Dreamed about your face, so lovely,
A blooming flower smiling back at me.
Oh, how sweet it could be,
If I’d see you as early this SEPTEMBER THREE.

As I move on to SEPTEMBER FOUR
My love grows even more;
The excitement, stronger than before;
Such feelings I won’t ever ignore

We’ll travel to oceans and dive;
Go through great adventures and survive;
Be with you forever while I’m alive;
Hmm..just few of my promises this SEPTEMBER FIVE.

No problems that won’t be fixed
As long as our hearts are mixed.
I say to you this SEPTEMBER SIX,
None will change my heart, no trials nor tricks

It feels like heaven,
All of a sudden,
What we prayed for will be given.

I’m gonna hold on to my faith
and I believe it’s worth the wait.
May it be now or after SEPTEMBER EIGHT,
To you Father we lift up our fate.

536824_519569088123851_1853979795_nSince I become yours and you are mine,
Seems everything had been fine.
What comes with the sun as it rises this SEPTEMBER NINE,
A better day; it’s God’s promise, a sign.

It’s a brand new day this SEPTEMBER TEN
I’m ready for whatever would happen
Laughter and tears will never be forgotten
Moments with you shall be treasured even in heaven.

How could I ever forget number ELEVEN
That day you chose me among other (handsome) men
 It’s when we started that love and feelin’
Soon we’ll share a gift from heaven.

I woke up 2 a.m. this SEPTEMBER TWELVE
And started thinking about ourselves.
 Oh I could search the world and delve,
Collect treasures of love in a dozen shelves.

We were once teens and lovers.
Now, marks the beginning of us as father and mother.
Yesterday’s a blessed one, 9:07 pm 12th of September,
 My wife gave birth to our son, Baby Jed Landher

my wealth



My parents will be sharing a lot about my wonderful life.
By the way, please don’t stare at me like that ‘coz I’m getting nervous.
I might think you like me. 😀

photo of Jed