So Far Yet So Near

To be far away from my family is not an easy experience. I have to endure every minute of it. Thus, focusing on my purpose why I’m working in a foreign land helps a lot. To cite a few: To earn more than my country can offer; To support my family needs and to secure my son’s future. Summing it up, it’s all about my love and concern to my family.

Though we are in a long distance relationship, we don’t take distance as hindrance to continue showing our love to one another. Thank you for the advance technology now a days, I don’t have to settle with letters and telegrams or a long distance call using a landline phone. I say thank you to the internet.

To ease my loneliness and boredom, my wife and I see to it that we both have a common time to chat and have a video call through Skype. Our time zones are different but for us it doesn’t matter at all. Here are some of those lovely moments.

skype collage