My Greatest Treasure of All

For many, a treasure would be material things.. A gold or diamond or may be some other things with sentimental value. Maybe I’m not that fortunate in life in terms of wealth but I know I have the greatest treasure than any man could wish for.

Here I am, looking at my treasure. A gift from above. Our angel here on Earth.

I’m sure, a lot of you will agree that the greatest treasure on Earth is priceless such as this precious moment with my son, Jed.

That is treasure for me. Take a look on other’s treasure in their life:

While I’m Away From You My Son

Tomorrow will be my son’s 5th month. Being away from him, working in a foreign land is not that so easy. Poetry is a way of easing my loneliness while showing how much I miss him. I hope someday my son will be able to read this.

my baby smiling while he is sleeping

I miss your cry my baby
Each time I put you to bed
You love to be in my shoulders
and your cheek feeling my chest.

I can’t sleep that much my son
I don’t have you to cuddle through the night
I wish you’re here beside me
and play some sweet pillow fight.

At sleep I dream of you
Tickling my feet to wake me up
Yet as I open my eyes
All I have is an empty ceiling above.

How I miss to carry you
Singing my simple lullabies
All the weariness disappear
Brought by your sweet smiles.

I would love to see you play
With the toys that I’ll buy
Or if you wish to ride my back
I’ll act like a slave horse guy.

I want to witness how you grow up
And cherish all your laughter
But Daddy has to work
To provide for you as a father.

So for now my little one
You have your mother, you’re not alone
Don’t you worry my beloved son
One day, Daddy will come home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Out of many photos of my wife and my son, Jed, this is my favorite. Why? Let the photo speak the love that binds the two.
raising jed

Not that I am jealous, but I would like to share also my two favorite photos with him.

sleep son raising jed bonding raising jed son

As of now, while I am writing this post, I miss him so much. I am back here in a foreign land to work for my family especially for my son’s future.

How Wonderful Life Is, Now You’re In The World

While waiting for my son’s birth, I planned to edit a video as a tribute to his special day. As I scanned some in my computer, a song from Elton John entitled “Your Song” caught my attention. I immediately liked it upon hearing the line “how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world.”  A very strong line that exactly describe the excitement and happiness that I’m surely going to feel upon his birth.

Let me share you the video that I made, out of everlasting love for my family. It’s a story that starts from the day I met my wife until my baby’s birth. This was my way of showing how much I treasure them, though I am working away from them in another country.